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you only live enjoy it this time around. (North Carolina, NC)
we look for single guys 19-35 for her to have fun with while he watches, photos and video tapes our adventures. we both look and are guessed by others to still be in our 20's...she passes for 22-25 on a regular basis and is the average age others guess her to be. *very well hung a plus* she wants to experience couple seeking woman gq muscular nicely built hunky type guy's she loves the rugged fireman look. we like to meet for weekend fun...local guy's only not interested in travelers as we have very busy schedules and just to hard to make arrangements to meet. also couples that have a similar interest where the wife enjoys mfm and mmmf register for our free forum on our site and participate in conversation with other couples who are into the wife watcher scene as we are. it's free important note: single males are wel-cum as well and encourage to register for our forum it is again 100% free for everyone direct forum link is thewifewatcherforum - just click register

happy couples seeking females looking for same to have fun (North Carolina, NC)
a couple just like us to have friendship and maybe more. we love to boat and jet ski and love to cook out and enjoy our nice lake house and home. love to play cards and have fun. also love to travel. if friendship works out, will see what happens next!

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seeking new adventures and experiences.... (North Carolina, NC)
we seeking other fun and attractive couples, bi females and even the occaisonal exceptional single male for fun encounters and adventures. we have been to some of the local clubs, but that just isn't really the scene we are looking for. we are seeking others who enjoy meeting to explore fantasies and desires. we both love wathing the other horny couples seeking milfs pleasure. he especially loves watching her play with other couples, women and men. we always stay together (same room) but we are comfortable with just one or the other playing on a particular adventure. we like meeting people who are in this for the excitment and the fun! we love fulfilling fantasies and desires, our own and others.

sexy couple looking for those special friends (North Carolina, NC)
we are looking for people who are similar to us in ideas, body stature, and crazyness. we are looking for people who know how to be friends, that enjoy some benefits on the side. oh and we only play as a couple. safe sex is the ultimate rule. no protection - no play :)remember folks this lifestyle is all about making decisions, if you want to do the e-mail or chat thing forever then don't bother us. if your sincere and wish to ask a few questions then ok but if we chat with you and we ask to meet you then we expect a definate yes horny couple looking couple no. lets discuss the smokin' thing we don't smoke, so really any smoke to us is a nuisance........... but now saying that, we can deal with lite / polite smokers. we only play as a couple so don't even ask. sorry but, what we are not looking for at this time is men of color. we are members of other sites under the same name. personality plays a very big role in how we see people. pictures, videos, watching, participating heck it's all fun as long as your with the right female or couple and sometimes even a guy. if you'd like to sit and chat with us then drop us a line, we don't bite unless you really want us too. not to repeat ourselves, but..... we only play as a couple and if you think unsafe sex is cool, then remember this no protection - no play. single men - after a long furlow of not even considering your gender, we have decided to give you all another chance. you must be in shape, as in athletic. good looking, by what my lady says is good looking. and have a great personality. and not afraid to get a little kinky. oh yeah and if your not at least 5' 10" in height your chances are thin, if you feel you meet theses requirements then drop us a note. oh yeah just a few more things, all you (so called bi-sexual males) if you have "giving anal sex" on your profile but not "recieving anal sex" & all you (so called straight males) who enjoy recieving oral from a man but not giving it then don't bother contacting us because unless your willing to experience what your asking us to do then we will most likely not be interested in you, were an equal opportunity couple and anyway we're not all that impressed by single straight males, hee hee (besides if your willing to get sucked by a guy, then your not straight) it's like they say "doesn't matter if your pitching or catching your still in the game". but remember this single men who contact us start off with two strikes, so if we decide to meet you and you stand us up. don't bother to write back. *** one last thing, at this time we are not looking for men of color, sorry *** please do not write us and ask to chat on the phone, we will give you our cell phone number after an arrangement has been made to meet.

We re looking to get together with another couple once in awhile for some fun. Maybe the girls could undress for starters while the guys watch. Must be clean,OK looking with similar interests. Looking to get to know one another first >>

looking for house parties! (North Carolina, NC)
looking to develop friendships, not for couples who just want to put another notch in their bedposts. absolutely tired of meeting couples(mostly the guys) who are just in this to see how many different partners they can have. looking for honest and sincere couples. will have couple seeks man posted very soon.

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kinky & a 1/2 (North Carolina, NC)
1) firstly we are looking for of course, any wild & zaney couples,prefurebly bi's,and the male be a top as it is called because he's a bottom. 2)secondly would like to run a cross a sub fem/ or a twinky ,or sissy-fide males,and if they could we would like to have a roommate and a live in. :) me & my soul mate as she is to me,were school sweetharts. way back in the late 70's& ealy 80's.we swang back than when we were really young,for about a year & couple seeking man we realy meat a lot of good people & had some good times. but we broke up she whent her way & i mine, any way after about 20 some odd years i looked her up throught the internet & found her & ask her back. so now we'er trying to get back into the old groove. she's still a-little shy about it as she was back then but it want take her long as like last time. she realy wounded up really loveing it to, but her memmory is a little short after that manny years, she had a hard 20 years.

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who has the glow stick??? (North Carolina, NC)
we are looking for l.m.i. - like minded individuals. our goal is to surround ourselves with the same kind of fun, twisted, out-going, people with which we can be life long friends. we operate on a friends first basis with expectations to remain just that - friends. there will never be any expectation of sex. we are not looking for replacements. we are not looking for jealousy. we are not looking for one night stands. we are not looking for gratuitous sex scenes and gynological views on the profiles of others.... folks, if ever it gets that far between us we will be more than happy to wait and see it then. and it this is the only kind of pics you have it might do well for you to include some tamer pics for us. we wish to repsect your comfort levels, and hope that you will do the same for us! :) well, we decided that we didn't know why we were doing the whole hidden eyes and face thing, so we took them down and put up a bunch of face pics. all we ask is, if you know us - please be discreet to any vanilla folk that we may have in common, and we, of course, will do the same for you! :) we are also on ct and ll, and we have more pics/validations over there. we have been validated by some of the greatest folks we have ever met! does this mean we have slept with them? no... does this mean we will sleep with them? no... does it mean we haven't? no... does it mean we won't? no... it just means we have met them. we are real. they are real. and we won't be doing the whole kiss and tell thing, so don't bother trying to pry. the validations are true and sincere. regardless of the sex status between us, these people are our friends, and we are darn happy to have them! we are not looking for pushy people, in fact if you are one of those couples who wants sex out of every encounter then you can go ahead and hit the back button, and we wish you the best of luck in your searches. oh! and please have validations or expect us to ask you to verify your "realness" via cam or phone. we're tired of posers playing games with us. what couple seeking married wife waste of time!

have always had a sweet tooth for the devil's candy.... (North Carolina, NC)
someone that can help us convert our garage into a love shack (or game room when the in-laws are in town, haha). help turning our shed into a shop. an electrician that will work for beer. anyone know how to install vinyl siding? ...oh wait...forgot where we we are looking for friendship first, with benefits on the side if the chemistry is right for all. couples that we can hang with in and out of the bedroom. people that share the same interests as us. we are not looking to put notches in our bedpost, we like quality over quantity. couples who enjoy dancing, movies, and good music as much as they enjoy hanging out at home relaxing w/ a grill full of steaks (he is the grill master) and watchin dvds. we don't expect nor will we play with every couple we meet. but that doesn't mean that even if we don't play, a good time can't be had by all. we are ddf and you must be also. safety first we always say. :d couples seeking girls is too short to stress the small stuff. this should be fun right? our profile says full swap, but we play to the level of comfort of everyone in the group. we are as cowboy as you can get in the city. we lead busy lives as well, and can totally understand the value of planning ahead. if you lke what you have read so far, don't let the fact that we don't have children stop you from contacting us. we love children, we just don't have any of our own yet. we like to get to know you by chat or email first. then we can meet over dinner, dancing, movies, or whatever. if you send us an email and get no reply please take that as a polite "no thank you, not at this time." oh, one other thing, single men if we want you we will contact you. if you like what you see send us an email or a message.